Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A Prayer For Peace and Hope - Gods411

Let this prayer overcome you with peace and joy only found in Jesus.

Pray This Prayer
Father, I pray for strength and courage that only comes from You to replace all of my weaknesses.

In times like these, when my burdens are heavy that I can only look to You for help.

I pray that You continue to provide and protect my family.

Sometimes it is hard for me to see all of the good in my life…

When we are suffering such uncertain times.

I am very fearful of the future Father.

You promise that You are in control though.

I know that You will fight all of my battles.

If I look back at past times of my struggles,

Big or small, You were always there.

You were always at work and You always made everything work out for the best.

Sometimes my prayers were not answered the way I thought they SHOULD be,

But looking back now, I see that Your plan was so much better than I could have ever expected.

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You are an awesome God.

Today, I am going to change my fear into faith… and to make my day better, I want to thank You for even the smallest of blessings in my life.

Like water, a pillow or heat.

Those little things that I take for granted, and I shouldn’t, so I thank You.

I know that You are going to bring me up out of this fire that we are in right now.

I know I will prosper.

I know that You will protect me.

I know I am covered by the blood of Jesus, filled with Your Spirit and

Loved infinitely by a God that never changes.