Monday, April 27, 2020

A Grandchildren Prayer

A Grandchildren Prayer

Father, protect these blessed hearts you have placed in my life.

They are so precious to me.

They make me laugh, smile and make my heart go pitter pat.

I ask that You place Your angels of protection around them keeping them safe.

I declare the protection of the blood of Jesus over them.

Tomorrow is never promised, so let me never take today for granted.

Delight these precious blessings with the desires of their hearts.

Fill them with Your grace.

My prayers are to have a lot of time with them before I leave this earth.

More time to spend with them in my arms.

More time to share what You have done in my life.

More time to be able to see the world through their eyes.

I want to see them accept Your amazing gift of salvation.

Guard them from the dangers of the evil one.

Protect them from the darkness of the world.

Keeping them from the things that can harm their lives.

My love for them is so overwhelming as they fill me with such pride and joy.

I want to spoil them with hugs and kisses.

I pray that they have healthy long lives.

I pray they always seek You.

I pray they live their lives in obedience to You.

I pray they believe and receive Your infinite love, joy and promises.

Keep them in Your loving arms.

Guard them with Your guardian angels every day of their lives.

Your love, and blessings are the best thing I could ask for them.

I declare all of this in Your name, I believe and they will then receive.

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