Monday, May 4, 2020

A Prayer For God's Power In Your Life

A Prayer For God's Power In Your Life

I declare this prayer in the name of Jesus.

Father, You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

You are not my last hope, You are my only hope.

Especially during these times of chaos and uncertainty.

I know You can change my circumstances in an instant.

I know that Your will be done.

Your grace and mercy are at work.

I ask for Your forgiveness today Father.

Cleanse my soul.

Renew my spirit.

Make me whole again in You.

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You are my provider, my protector.

Without You I am nothing.

With You I can do anything.

Heal my past pains. Remind me that I do not need to carry those burdens.

Remind me that I cannot carry the burdens of tomorrow.

I can only be in Your presence today, and I will be victorious in You.

Surround my family and friends with Your angels of protection.

Let us be protected by the shadow of your wings.

Protect their hearts from sadness and despair.

Keep their bodies free from illness and their souls free from despair.

Lift them up, let them be healed, let them have hope, let them be blessed.

Keep them safe from the evil that prowls this world.

I ask that those that have not found You, will find You and Your gift of salvation.

I ask that those who do believe, that their prayers are answered.

May the God of peace, joy and love overcome all of those reading this and

Cover them and my family with the precious blood of Jesus.

Let their silent prayer rise up to You and be answered.

I believe in miracles.

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