Thursday, March 5, 2020

Miracles Are People That God Has Sent To You

I love the movie Bruce Almighty. In the beginning of the movie Bruce is very self centered, but through a series of events God works on his heart and he has a major shift in his thinking. He begins to show selfless love with no strings attached. He becomes someone's miracle. These acts are not extravagant, but simple. Like helping a guy push his broken car, helping the homeless.... little things.

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You can be someone's miracle today. We have no idea what others are dealing with in life, so a simple act can be a miracle to them.

Have you ever had someone do something out of the blue? You say to yourself, "How did they know I needed that?" The answer is simple, God takes a willing heart and uses them to be His miracle.

Be someone's miracle today.

Scene From Bruce Almighty - Be The Miracle