Friday, May 1, 2020

God's Message For Mothers

God Has This Message For Mothers

I want you to know how special you are to Me.

I created man, formed him and gave him breath.

I breathed life into him.

Mothers, I fashioned.

My breath was not breathed into them because they are so delicate.

While man slept, I designed you with patience love and perfection.

I designed you from one bone from the man’s body.

I chose the strong yet delicate rib.

The rib protects man’s lifeline, his heart and his lungs.

The rib is perfect because it is like you,

Fragile, yet very strong.

Mothers are the heart of the family, the stronghold.

Mothers will protect their family to the death.

They are forgiving, hardworking, multitaskers who can take on the world with seemingly ease.

Their eyes are windows to the soul. Their tears fall with love and compassion.

Their lips sing sweetly, pray softly and speak gently,

Their smile brightens the day.

Their hands are made delicate so that they can soothe and mend those that need them.

I have held their hands; I have held their heart.

I have made you to be the most like Me.

I made you to nurture and care for others, like I do.

Mothers are special because they are an extension of Me.

Man is made in My image, I made mothers to display My heart.

I created mothers to make the world a better place.

You are near to My heart.

Love God.


  1. Thank you God for the way you made me I am special to you I love you Amen

  2. 🙏🏻Ty Daddy 💚u