Friday, April 10, 2020

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A Prayer To Declare The End Of COVID-19

Dear friends,
As I was spending time with God this morning, He laid upon my heart this prayer to declare an end to the Coronavirus. Let us all pray this prayer to God. Be blessed and keep safe!

Dear Lord,
I come to You with hope in my heart. In You alone I find hope, hope for an end to this virus.

I declare protection of the Blood of Jesus over me and anyone reading this prayer.

This storm seems bigger than any storm I have ever witnessed Father. I am thankful that You never sleep. That You are always in control. Many people are out of jobs, money and food.

We cry out for Your protection and provisions. The fear can be consuming and  overwhelming for some.

I pray for those that are consumed by the news. I pray they will look to You instead of the world for answers.

Now we are away from our loved ones. A place the enemy wants us, in isolation. But, I see where the world is praying to You together, something the enemy wants no part of. So I know he is not happy that we are all praying to You more. He hates that we take refuge in You.

Father I ask that You protect and deliver us from this perilous disease.

Rescue us

Please be with our leaders to establish good measures to fight this today and in the future.

I lift up the workers that are risking their lives, so that we have food and care, be with them. Give them strength and endurance to carry on the long hours. Keep them safe from the virus.

I pray Father, for those that are sick, that they will be healed. For those that have chronic health issues, that you will restore them back to health. Lead the medical scientists to a vaccine.

I know at times like these, You will use this situation to save lost souls. In dangerous times like these, grant us with Your compassion, grace and mercy.

Help us to overcome our fears, and have faith. Remind us that fear is not what You want. You want a stronger faith, more hope in You and more love for others.

You have created us in Your image and therefore have the power to be strong, to survive…You promise that You will keep us in perfect peace, if we rest in You.

We have already seen us unite together to get through this time… Bring them comfort and strength, and faith. I thank you for your mighty power. Remind us that too shall pass. We are protected by the blood of Jesus.


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  1. Everyone say this prayer that God will take us out of this pandemic.

  2. Amen..
    Thanks God for everyday life strenght love protection and blessing.
    Grace us lord.
    Help us.
    Heal our land Lord.
    I love you.
    We love you.
    Protect and bless my family and friends.
    In Jesus Name we pray.

  3. Make God conuite to bless you so you can deliver more messages

  4. Thank you God for my everyday and thank you lord for all your love for us and keeping us in the path of rightousness..Help us to keep our Faith and keep believeing in you and remember to give thanks to you are loving Father and Thank you Jesus Protect us ,Forgive us of our sin and Guide us each and everyday to only come to you for you are our only God The Father Heal our land of this horrible Virus and Look over our Family and Friends and keep us safe ..Hear oh God my prayer and look in Favor of all who seek you and Believe ..Thank you Father God and Thank you Jesus Amen

  5. I thank you father God and Lord Jesus for covering us with your blood, I pray and thank you for protecting all the doctor's and nurses and health care giver's and all who have to report to work from this virus, I pray for healing for all who has fallen sick from this virus that you heal them and this land, I ask that you forgive us of our sins and have mercy upon us all.In Jesus name I pray Amen. thank you GOD ,thank you JESUS.

  6. Everybody a live Y.R.

    With my "Y-Yeah, R-Right to see things in a different way!" tool, we can look at social distancing as a silver lining to practice Y.R. ing together without touching each other, and drawing close to God at the same time! In my fear of God, I've discovered the Scripture in Romans 11:32, in which our reaction is Y.R. for Yeah Right to what is written. I quote; Romans 11:32, "For God hath concluded them all [both Jew and Gentile, all of us] in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all".

    "We see God by connecting to his Word, though it be in a upside down way. Y.R. can also be expressed without saying a word. Just pick your hands up for Y, and bring down your hands around your left eye to form the capital R.. I encourage everybody to be as energetic as a live, 'look at me (form the whYRe tool) '"and then say, "Now high five the sky, towards the next guy, telling them to pass it on."

  7. Thank you My Lord Jesus for protect Corona Virus. I trust you and I pray for my family. Amen. πŸ’«πŸ™πŸ»πŸ¦‹πŸ’—πŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’«

  8. God Hear this Prayer for All those that Walks With You and Loves♥️you✝️and we trust you that you are bringingus out of this epidemic plague we Praise and thank you in Jesus N as me

  9. Praise the Lord. I declare that Covid-19 is defeated. Jesus defeated all sickness and disease on the Cross forever and that includes covid-19. It is destroyed, dried up at the roots like the fig tree Jesus cursed. I declare that it will never come near me or my family in the Mighty Name of Jesus but will just die. God is in control. God is still on the throne and He can change the situation in a blink of an eye. I trust my God and I know that we have victory. I give Him all the glory. Hallelujah. Amen.