Monday, April 3, 2017

Hang It On The Cross

If you have a secret sorrow, a burden or a loss, an aching need for healing... Hang it on the Cross. If worry steals your sleep and makes you turn and toss, if your heart is feeling heavy... Hang it on the Cross. Every obstacle to faith or doubt you come across, every prayer unanswered... Hang it on the Cross. For Christ has borne our brokenness and dearly paid the cost to turn our trials into triumph... Hanging it on the Cross.... A Poem By Lisa Engelhardt

Hang it on the Cross is a great way for saying: Give it to God, or as some would say Absolute Surrender. That is hard to do. As humans we want to control things, we want to feel as we are in control, but we are not, no matter how hard we try we will never control what happens around us or what people do to us. What we can do is Hang it on the Cross, or just give it to God. Let Him take care of what is going on inside or with you. 

For some it is a minute by minute Hanging on the Cross. You know the feeling. You Hang it on the Cross   then two minutes later you start to worry about it again, so you need to Hang it on the Cross again, and again, and again. That is alright because we have a big God that can, and wants to take all our worries, hurts, and pain. He wants to turn them around into something that He can use for His Glory and the give you peace. So right now take a moment, whatever is bothering you, Hang it on the Cross, just give it to God... He is waiting to hear from you.


  1. Is this plaque "Hang it on the cross" for sale

  2. I am not sure.... we do not sell it. You might try