Monday, April 3, 2017

A Letter To satan

How do you picture yourself in Christ? A servant, a worker, a friend? I have always pictured myself as a Knight. I have dirt and blood on my face, fighting the good fight, willing to give my life for the one true King. By me telling you this, the letter will make more sense.

Dear satan,
I just wanted to send you a letter and tell you that you LOST.

You knew that God had plans for me and it scared you. So you set out to destroy me and my family. First, you tried to destroy me personally, you tempted me with bodybuilding drugs, you wanted me in jail because you knew that I would not be as effective in His Kingdom. I did fall into your temptation, but My Lord saved me, I am sure it made you angry.

Then you tried to destroy my family, by tempting me with another female, and again I fell into your temptation. It almost destroyed my family, but again, Our Lord came through and saved us. We beat the odds and survived, I bet it must have made you very angry.

Finally, I had my life together; I was being the person that God wanted me to be. You could not destroy me mentally so you went after my physical body. I found out I had an incurable disease. Looking back I see now what you wanted, it was not the disease, it was the fact that I wanted to kill myself, you wanted me out of the picture for good. You almost got what you wanted, but again my LORD and my family saved me. You LOST. I am still here and still fighting, and because of your failure, and Christ’s victory, He helped Kim start this eBay store and Gods411, which is reaching new people every day.

You are such a weak creature, I know that you have to ask permission of My Lord to do anything; even you acknowledge God’s awesome power! Every victory in Christ only makes me stronger. My body may be somewhat crippled, but you will NEVER KILL MY SPIRIT.

Victorious in Christ,

Ps. you may win little victories here on this earth, but I (we all know) how the story ends……YOU LOSE.

Pss. Today's date is March 27th, 2013 and this is an addition to my letter to you. I must hand it to you, you do not fight fair. you must hate God's followers and wish to hurt them at any cost. You tempted our only son, he was not as strong as I was and he fell into your tricks, then you convinced him that the only choice he had left was to end his life. You may have taken him out of this world, but you lost his soul, he is with Jesus. I must admit I was very discouraged and heartbroken, but I WILL NEVER TURN MY BACK ON JESUS.

I am coming to know what you already know. This is a cosmic battle and you are losing ground, your prize are souls. your mission is to take as may souls with you before the end of your limited time. I live to depopulate hell and make your life a hell as you see souls won for Christ.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. What an encouragement to know that all of God's children are already victors in Christ, regardless of whatever trials we are going through in this life. Can I use portions of your letter to bless others as we share it to those who are also "hurting" in life's struggles?