Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is Revenge OK?

I am sure that you have heard the verse in the Bible where GOD tells us "Revenge is Gods, HE will repay." I understand and believe that verse, but it is hard to apply to my life sometimes. In my life so far I have never had a reason to seek revenge, and I am not sure how I would react. Our time table for revenge is usually not the same as GOD's.

In 1 Kings 19 Jezebel was killing all of the LORD's prophets. A lot of them went into hiding including Elijah, I can imagine they where thinking "Where is GOD, does HE not care that we are dying and in hiding????" I know that GOD did care, but HIS time for revenge was not then.

The problem with revenge, is that if it is left unchecked it grows and grows, it will consume you. If you want to be filled with 100% of Jesus, to harbor feelings of revenge, some of Jesus has to leave us for the revenge to enter, and slowly the revenge pushes more and more of Christ out. Revenge is like carrying around luggage, it is heavy, and cumbersome. Christ wants to carry that baggage of revenge for us, He wants to relieve us of it. It is hard, I know...... but all you have to do is give it to Him. How much baggage are you lugging around?

Dear Jesus,
Father I pray that You will fill me up with Your never ending love. I pray Father for those that have a heavy heart for someone. I pray that they can be filled with You and let that angry heart go. I pray that they can make that step forward to stop the harsh feelings and fill up with You.
I love You and I pray in Jesus name, 

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