Friday, June 19, 2015

I Thank You Jesus

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I Thank Thee Lord

I Thank Thee for the blessings Lord
which you have given me.
For my wonderful companion
and all my family.

For parents who have taught me
by example, and with love
The path that I must follow
to return to Thee above.

I’m thankful too for trials,
for I know they make me strong.
I pray for strength to overcome,
and choose the right from wrong.

Forgive me when I murmur Lord,
and think my lot is hard.
When in my weakness I complain
and let my faith be scarred.

I know that there are many Lord
who have much less than I.
And parents who, for lack of food,
hear hungry children cry.

Bless them with all Thou can give,
and bless me too to see,
That when I do for those in need,
I do it unto Thee.
But most of all I thank thee
for my Savior, Jesus Christ.
For His atoning sacrifice
that paid the greatest price.

For thy great love, I give thanks
And ask that I might be
Worthy of all the blessings
that have been sent down to me.

Poem Written By Ron Tranmer
Please Visit His Website HERE

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