Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How Can I Tell When God Is Speaking To Me

Is God Speaking To Me?
I think people that believe in God, even those who do not believe in God, want God to speak to them. It is natural as we all want to please God. Below are 5 tips to know when God is speaking to you.

1. Does It Agree With Scripture?
God will never ask or tell you to do something outside of Scriptures. So when you feel that God is speaking to you, get your Bible and see if what He is speaking to you goes against the Word of God.

2. God Will Usually Repeat It
God will usually speak to you more than once. This is event in the Bible. What is the Bible about? The Bible is about? LOVE. As the word LOVE is repeated many times. God will repeat what He is speaking to you.

3. The Idea Come To Us While Praying
God will usually speak to us in prayer. Not all the time, but prayer time is usually a quiet, one on one time with our Creator.

4. The Desire Will Grow Stronger.
God will not give you a desire, then take it away. If He is truly speaking to you, you will not be able to let it go. Your desire will become stronger and stronger. 

5. Does It Involve An Element of Risk?
God will push you to grow. He will push you beyond your comfort level. Not all the time, but if you are looking for confirmation of God speaking to you this can be one way.

Here is a real life example: You feel that God is speaking to you to go to Africa on a mission trip.

  • Spreading God's words goes with Scripture.
  • You will have someone in your church ask you to go to Africa. Then you will see an ad in a magazine, and then you friend will tell you that you would be good at missions.
  • When you pray about it, you feel the Holy Spirit agreeing.
  • At first it is an idea, then after time it becomes something you must do.
  • Yes, it involves risk!

This is not a sure fire way to tell if God is speaking to you, but these are some great points to look for in your life.

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