Tuesday, June 16, 2015

God Has Plans For You

God Has Plans For Your Life
As I have been reading about David, one could tell he had a heart for GOD.
He was always thinking of ways to please HIM. Yesterday, I read about how David tried to bring back the Ark. Today, I read about how David wanted to build GOD a palace for HIS Ark to rest in. Yes, David did have a heart for GOD.

If all you wanted to do was to desperately please a person, and you came up with this great idea, even your friend said it was a good idea. But, when your idea got back to the person it was for and they said they did not want it, I can imagine you would get your feelings hurt. This is what happened to David.

In your life, your dreams may not match up to GOD's plans, but God has plans for you. Even if your dreams have the right motives and heart, it may not be where GOD needs you or wants you. I know this all to well. I want to be a pastor so badly, but through events in my life, like my sickness, it was like GOD was telling me, "I know your dreams, but I know better, and where I am going to take you, you will be blessed; trust me." It took me a while to accept that, and if GOD presented me with the opportunity again, I would jump at it. 

So, I know it is hard not to live your dreams, but GOD is sovereign, we need to have the acceptance and praise that David had. He did not pout or get mad, I bet that he could have even started the temple, but he would have not had GOD's blessing on it. No, David knew that GOD was/is in control and knows best for him and us. David knew God had plans for him.

One other thought........ notice how GOD does not need a fancy place to live in. HE was happy to live in a tent just like HIS people, and move from place to place, just like HIS people. All GOD needs is your welcoming heart. :)

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