Thursday, June 18, 2015

Does God Need Us

Does God Need Us?
Have you ever asked yourself.... Does God Need Us or me? GOD wants so badly to be involved in your life. Do you include him? Or do you go about your whole day without even including HIM in any decision or situation that you have to make? Not only the "Life and Death" decisions, but the little ones? 

I believe in saying breath prayers all day long. I try to talk to GOD all day long, I even ask HIM silly questions, like where should I plant this tree? Watching me you might think that I am silly, I do sometimes talk out loud to HIM, my wife says that I look funny talking to myself, call me crazy for Christ. :)

God does need you. If you are not including Jesus in your day to day decisions, try it. I think that you might find GOD has a sense of humor and things just might start going your way more often, like David with the Philistines.

The History of David & God
In chapter 13 we read where David had the right heart and motives. He wanted 
to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem, so he set out on what he thought was right, but along the way the Ark began to slip and a man; Uzzah reached to catch it. The LORD's anger burned against Uzzah and HE killed him. At face value you would think, "What are you doing LORD? They were just trying to do the right thing?"

Then we read in chapter 14 where David inquired of the LORD before he took action, and YAHWEH gave him victory. In fact the second time in verses 14:13 it is like GOD wanted to have fun, HE wanted to be involved in the fight. HE could have told David; "Yes, go and attack, and I will give them to you." No, it is like the LORD said let's do this together, I want to be involved. So when you hear the wind in the balsam trees, that is I.

Then in verse 15:13 David made the connection of why Uzzah died. He did not inquire of GOD, he did not involve Him even though his motives where right.

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