Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are You Blocking Your Blessings?

Are You Blocking Your Blessings From God?
This is a subject that GOD has laid dear to my heart. It is very hard to let GOD control our money and tithe. Money means security here on earth, but not in heaven. It is a false sense of security.

Do you tithe 10%? Really have you figured out how much you take in, and give GOD 10% of that? When you do that, it is a pretty large amount, especially when you do not have that much for the month. This is something that I have tested GOD on. Do You know that GOD challenges us to test HIM on this? See Malachi 3:10, it is the last book in the Old Testament.

Money/Tithing has always been hard for me; for me it is a sense of security. But, when I became very sick and lost my job, I made a commitment to tithe 10%. It was very hard at times, but, I stuck with it. I have to tell you, it has been amazing. There have been months that I can't tell you how we have had enough money to make it. There have been some months where money just showed up in the form of a check.

Our family should be in major debt, as we racked up over $500,000 in medical bills. But, GOD ALWAYS came through. In fact GOD has blessed our socks off, HE has given us a new house in only a place that I dreamed of living.

God Tells You To Test Him!
I am on a quest to see where the tithing ends. We are now tithing 20%, yes it is very SCARY! But, I have been amazed by how GOD provides. Tithing does not have to be boring; for us, we love to help families in need, or support missionaries, or buy little gifts for people in the body that are hurting. Anything that advances or supports HIS kingdom we love to do.

You will find neat things happen just as Hezekiah found out when his people stepped up and started giving. I would challenge you to challenge GOD. If your tithing is not where you know in your heart it should be, step up and challenge GOD. Make it fun as our family has, but, go into it with the right attitude. If you are expecting something in return, that is not how GOD works, it is trust on your part. Can you imagine if everyone stepped up and really started tithing, we would move mountains!

And he commanded the people who lived in Jerusalem to give the portion due to the priests and the Levites, that they might give themselves to the Law of the LORD. 
As soon as the command was spread abroad, the people of Israel gave in abundance the firstfruits of grain, wine, oil, honey, and of all the produce of the field. And they brought in abundantly the tithe of everything. And the people of Israel and Judah who lived in the cities of Judah also brought in the tithe of cattle and sheep, and the tithe of the dedicated things that had been dedicated to the LORD their God, and laid them in heaps. 
In the third month they began to pile up the heaps, and finished them in the seventh month. When Hezekiah and the princes came and saw the heaps, they blessed the LORD and his people Israel. And Hezekiah questioned the priests and the Levites about the heaps. Azariah the chief priest, who was of the house of Zadok, answered him, "Since they began to bring the contributions into the house of the LORD, we have eaten and had enough and have plenty left, for the LORD has blessed his people, so that we have this large amount left." - 2 Chronicles 31:4-10

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