Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer
Prayer is your dialog with God, there is power in prayer! It is a way to talk to God and tell him your concerns.

Prayer is very powerful and the power of prayer can work miracles. God hears your prayers. Your prayer should come from the heart and soul and should be sincere.

Every person praying to God must first of all thank Him for all that He gives us. 

Be honest with God, He always sees and knows. You can not hide anything from God. 

Ask God to forgive your sins, and do it sincerely, with all your heart, God always hears a sincere prayer.

Pray for your neighbors. Ask God to help those who have gone astray.

Say breath prayers. I have found that saying breath prayers work well for me. All during the day I will talk to God. For instance when I see a person on the street that needs help, I will say a short breath prayer for that person.... "Lord, please help that man." That is is, nothing long or hard, just what is on my mind. Soon you will find that you are praying all day long.                         
I hope these couple of prayer tips will enrich your prayer life. God Bless!               

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