Monday, May 18, 2015

Start Your Day With Prayer

Start Your Day With Prayer

How Do You Start Your Day?

How do you start a project? I have learned that it starts with prayer. Boy, I love the book of Nehemiah! Nehemiah was an amazing leader. Let me start and give you a little background on the book. Ezra and Nehemiah were originally written as one book. The time that is was written was 446 BC. Jerusalem had been attacked by the Babylonians, the city was DESTROYED; like New Orleans. Nehemiah was just an ordinary guy, doing an ordinary job, like you or I, but he allowed GOD to open his heart up and make a huge difference. Read Nehemiah 1:4-11

As we read the Bible, it always seems so far away, does it not? But, the situations, and the people are a lot like us today.

Take Nehemiah for example, they were a people living in a bad time, their city has just been destroyed as some of our cites are destroyed by situations beyond our control. The people back then were looking for the coming of a Messiah, as we are today. Nehemiah was just an ordinary person, just like you or I, but he opened up his heart to GOD as we should and started with prayer. GOD used him to accomplish an amazing task, as GOD could do in us.

So, next time that you think the Bible was sooooo long ago, really look at it, I am sure you will see things and realize were not much different.

Thought For the Day
Now, that I have given you the historical facts of Nehemiah, let me give you the heart of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah is not just another book of the Bible, it is a personal journal of Nehemiah, we need to read it such. It is not just about rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, it is rebuilding a city, a home. This is GOD's home here on earth, it was the city that HE was going to set apart and set as an example for all mankind to see.

When Nehemiah heard of the news of Jerusalem (1:3) he broke down and wept, mourned, and fasted. Nehemiah was not saddened for a couple of days, he was saddened and troubled for 3 to 4 months. But, the news that Nehemiah heard was 141 years old! This would be like us getting upset over the news that President Abraham Lincoln died...... it was old news. That is how much Nehemiah cared about the city!

Now, that we have looked at the heart of Nehemiah, let's look at how he handled the task of rebuilding the city....... He started with prayer. The first thing he did is drop to his knees and PRAY. Not just any prayer, but, a heart filled with love, prayer. In his prayer, Nehemiah exalts GOD, asks to be heard, confesses his and the sins of his people (Notice how he did not put the blame on anyone). Quotes scripture from the promises that GOD had made his servant Moses in Deuteronomy. Then asks GOD to give him success..... what a prayer!

When you are facing a task..... any task. What do you do first? Do you start it with prayer? I would have to say that I would start to plan (Not pray), I would get everything lined up. I think that we all can learn from Nehemiah and how he approached his task, and how he approached GOD in prayer. Let me put a little "Food for thought" in you mind. Nehemiah/GOD accomplished in 52 DAYS..... DAYS what others tried to accomplish for 141 years. Do you think prayer works?

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