Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Live Each Day As It Is Your Last

Live Each Day As It Is Your Last

Live Each Days As It Is Your Last

I almost took my life last week. Not on purpose but by accident.

You hear about these tragic stories all the time, where you are doing something that you would do every day and something tragic happens, and you are gone. A good example of this is here in Washington where a couple was driving under a bridge and the bridge fell on them and killed the whole family including a newborn. Very sad.

Here is my story and how you need to live each day like it is your last as on one knows when it will be your last day here on earth.

I have been very sick for the last 10 years. I live with quite a bit of pain so my morning routine is this; about an hour before I wake I take two pain pills to get my body going. I also take sleeping pills at night to get my body to rest before I go to bed as I am very uncomfortable. 

Last Wednesday I woke and what I thought were two pain pills were two sleeping pills. Opppsss..... I went back to bed for an hour, I awoke and thought that I was still in pain, so I took 2 more (what I thought were pain pills) but were sleeping pills. Now I have taken 4 sleeping pills.

From this point until 3 pm in the afternoon I could not tell you about my day. I just remember waking up in a chair next to Kim. 

When I finally woke up, Kim told me that at 8 am she came to get me up as normally I wake by 7. She found me unconscious state, eyes rolling back in my head....GONE. She called poison control and they told her to call 911. She did. To make a long story short, 911 came out, took my vitals, and told Kim to watch my breathing closely.

During this time (again I cannot tell you anything about this time period) I found our gun and was waving it around, found more pills and was trying to take them, yelling at Kim, and wandering around like I was sleeping walking. When Kim told me all of this it made me very upset as I felt bad that I put her through this. 

The point of this story is this; you never know when it is your day. Live each day like it is your last. If something were to happen and you are on your deathbed, what would you say?
I wish I would have done more of _________? I wish I that I would have spoken to my ________ . I should have done _________?
Fill in the blanks above. You will never regret spending more time doing something you love or with someone that you love. But you will regret what you did not do.

If you were on your deathbed right now. Answer the question below; I wish I would have _________. What is your excuse for not doing this?

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