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How To Sell On eBay: Getting Started

How To Sell On eBay: Getting Started

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I have been selling on eBay for over 10 years. I started in November of 2005. Since then I have learned quite a bit. I have failed and lost money and have succeeded and made money. I sell under the name of Gods_411. To date we have over 128,000 transactions and have maintained a power seller/top rated seller. eBay is not easy to master so I felt lead to share my experiences with you to make eBay a better marketplace with more successful people trading.

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The information I am going to share I paid $5,000 to have a consultant get me started. That was a waste of money, I wish I would have looked on the internet to get advice. 

Today, we are going figure out what you are going to sell and what sacrifices you are willing to make, and your goals.

What Is Your Niche?

What To Sell?
You need to find a niche. Instead of being a garage sale where customer really does not know what you sell, you need to pick a niche.... like Christian items, car parts, jewelry, something specific. Then when a customer needs ????? they think, "Yes, I can find my Bible at Gods_411 as I know they sell Christian items. 

How to find your niche?
  • Sell what you love.
  • Sell what you know.
Do not try and sell something you do not like. When things get boring you will find it easier to quit. If you sell something you know, customers will love your experience. For us Jim knew Christian retailing and I have been involved in the church my entire life. 

If you sell what you love, you will never get bored, it will always be exciting.

Write down a paper what you are willing to do to make your company work? 
  • Are you willing to work only 5 hours a week?
  • Are you will to to work 40 hours a week?
  • Are you will to do whatever it takes to make it work?
  • How much money are you willing to invest?
  • Is this part time, full time, or play money?
Write this down and save it. When it gets tough you can bring this out and remind yourself what you are willing to do. Plus, it will really tell you what kind of a business you are going to have. 

It is always good to have goals for yourself. During your life you should always be updating your goals. They will change as you change. But, right now your goal is to open an eBay store.
  • Where do you see yourself in a year?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years?
That is a great place to start for today.

Please type the questions you have below and I will either answer it or we will cover it in a blog post.

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