Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Where Is God During Hard Times

Where Is God During Hard Times?

Where Is God During Hard Times?

You are going through a tough time in your life, you are seeking HIS face, you are praying all the time, but HE seems like He has disappeared.....gone.....why?

When I became sick and having hard times, it seemed like GOD split, HE was gone. I spent over 2 years seeking, prayer, and yearning. Theologically, I knew GOD never left my side, but, at this time it did not help!

If you have any kind of a relationship with Christ, the littlest amount of distance between you and Christ hurts, you ask where is God in this hard time? Even non-believers "Feel" Christ in nature, relationships (Love), music, and art, we are surrounded by HIM all the time. It is hard to imagine the magnitude of hell, but, to me the closest feeling would be a total separation from Christ. If you are a non-believer, to try and put it in terms you can understand, it would be total separation from everything that gives you peace and love.... forever.

Where Are You O Lord?

So, why does GOD seem to disappear in hard times? Well to start, if you believe the Bible as true, GOD makes many promises that HE will never leave you. You have to believe and live that. That is first, hang onto those promises, stretch your faith, stay close to HIM as best you can.

Second, look to see as to why GOD has allowed you to be in this situation or hard time. What is HE wanting you to learn. In our church I have observed some people enter into a trial, they become so focused on the negative they can't see what GOD is trying to teach them. The funny thing is that everyone else can see where GOD is trying to lead them. Always search for movements of GOD. Although, in some cases there may not be a lesson, GOD is moving you to where he needs you.

In closing I think that Job expressed it best in the verses after he asked where GOD was. He says that after GOD has tested him, he will come forth as gold.

What is the hardest time you have experienced? I would love to read what you have experienced.

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