Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Are Bible Tabs

What Are Bible Tabs?

Are Bible Tabs Right For Me?

What are Bible tabs and should I use them? In this blog post we will go over what Bible tabs are and if they are right for you. 

Bible tabs are small indexing tabs that you adhere to the edges of your Bible so you can find the books of the Bible more quickly. Bible tabs come in a variety of colors and sizes. Bible tabs are wonderful, but they are not for everyone. Below are some advantages and disadvantages. 

Bible tabs are easy to install. Most Bible tabs are self-adhesive. You peel them off and stick them onto your Bible. Most Bible tabs come with a positioning guide. I would personally recommend buying a Bible tab that has this feature.

  • Helps you find the Books of the Bible more quickly.
  • Accents the look of your Bible. Bible tabs come in a variety of colors, plus rainbow. You can match the edges of your Bible.
  • Personalizes your bible.
  • Some Bible tabs come with life verse, favorite verses, a place for maps and other study tools, and a blank tab.
  • Improves your study time. Finding the Book of the Bible can speed up just looking for the hard to find Book of the Bible.
  • They are permanent. Some say they are not, but I would consider them permanent. We have had a lot people that have tried to remove them and they rip the pages of their Bible.
  • Gives you a crutch for finding Books of the Bible. If you use another Bible than your own, you might have a hard time finding the Books without the Bible tabs.
We sell thousands of Bible tabs, but they are not for everyone. It depends what you are looking for in your Bible and your study time with God. If you have any questions you can contact us.  Shop now for Bible Tabs.

If you are looking for the best selling Bible tab, hands down it is the gold edge Bible tab. You can buy there HERE on Amazon. If you are a prime member it comes with free 2 day shipping. 

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