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Is God Angry At Me

Is God Angry At Me

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When a tragedy happens in our life that we can not explain. It is easy to believe that GOD is angry at me, or think, what did I do wrong in Gods eyes so that HE is punishing me? 

I know when I was diagnosed with my disease, and my family and I slowly watched my body and my health go downhill fast to the point of almost passing away 3 times, I thought MANY times, God is GONE, He hates me. Why is He doing this to me. Does He not love me. The sicker I became, the easier it became to blame God and think that He does not care or He hated me. 
Job felt the same way. As you read the above verses can you grasp what he was feeling. God is angry at me! There are a couple of thoughts that I would like to share with you.

Sin does have consequences. Yes, if we make the choice to sin, we have to live with the choices we make. As we just got done looking at the Israelite's, GOD did not punish them unjustly, they made the choice again, and again to sin. They brought the punishment on themselves. But, always remember, GOD was quick to forgive and bless. God does not stay angry at you.

I believe that GOD will allow things to happen to you, to move you in and out of certain situations. This is what has happened to me. This disease was the worse case the doctors have ever seen, and, I still live with it. But, because of this disease Kim opened her own business, doing HIS work, and live next to the ocean, I could go on and on. The point is, during the storm I could not see the future, all I could see was pain and confusion. But, now...... WOW. The blessings are amazing. Through this disease GOD moved me into the place where He needed me. He was not angry at me.

I Choose To Worship You Jesus

The last thought is a hard one to accept. We live in a fallen world. There are things that happen that we will never understand. An example of this is the pastor who married us. Cylde McDowell, he was an amazing man. GOD was blessing his church, and his work, he was called to the presidency of Denver Seminary. But, he suddenly died of a brain tumor. He left behind a wife and kids, why? I can't explain it, to this day. We have to remember that GOD is sovereign, there are going to be things in our lives that will happen, that we are not going to be able to explain. We must continue to have faith and trust. When we get to heaven I am sure it will all make sense. But remember God is not angry at you.

Closing Prayer
Dear Jesus
Father thank You for being the perfect Father, with unending, unimaginable love. Thank you that you do not get angry with me. I pray Father that through every trial that I have that I will always look up to You even in the most confusing and dark times. I pray Father that I will always see the blessings that You so graciously give everyday. Thank You Father for the storms that draw me closer to You and help me to learn more about You. I love You and I thank You, Amen.

Is there a time when you have thought God was mad at you?

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