Friday, April 10, 2015

Do You Walk With Jesus

Do You Walk With Jesus

Most of the time GOD's ways are not my ways. Usually my timetable is ahead of GOD's. It seems like I am always pushing HIM to do what I want to do, not seeking HIS will, and HIS ways.

I know that I have told you this before, but right before I became very sick, I started a pastor's program at our church. I was so sure that this is what GOD wanted me to do, I mean why not, it was for HIM so why would HE not want me to be a pastor? Almost to the day that I started the program I became sick. I was very confused.

Then during my sickness I started to become better, so guess what? Yes, I started back up the pastor's program. Guess what happened again? Yes, I relapsed and became very sick again, so, I had to drop out of the program, AGAIN. Finally, I stopped and figured out I had never sought GOD's ways, and HIS time table. I wanted it, so I pushed GOD, I did it on my own.

GOD promised Abram that he would be the father of many nations, in fact Abram acknowledged it. But, I believe that pressure from Sarai, and Abrams' doubt and impatience took the best of him. He took matters into his own hands. He did not wait for GOD, and even though it may have not taken away his blessing from GOD, it added stress and hardship in the future. Right away Abram and Sarai's impatience started to cause problems. Sarai had ill feelings towards Hagar and then blamed Abram for her problems. Abram's response was "It is not my problem, it is yours. You take care of it.

In your life I would encourage you to wait upon the Lord, remember that HIS time table will rarely coincide with yours. I have learned to walk with Christ, not ahead or behind him, and I can tell you that the peace I have is amazing, life is so much easier.

I have to tell you that by walking with Christ, He has shown me what I believe He had planned all along. I am now, yes for a third time, in a pastor type program. But, to make it even sweeter, this time it is with a brand new church plant. I believe that GOD is allowing me to be in a birth of a new church of His. I would have never guessed this when I was trying to do things my way.

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