Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are You Having An Affair On God?

Are You Having An Affair On God?

When we speak of someone having an affair on their spouse, our heart might break for the person that was cheated on. We also might feel some anger towards the one that had the affair. And usually the marriage is destroyed, it does not last. All trust is lost, and as the saying goes, "Once a cheater, always a cheater" the person that had the affair can't stop the sin they are in.

This is exactly how God describes what HIS people were doing to HIM. Israel and Judah would have an affair, repent and say they were sorry, just to turn around and do it again and again. The cycle never ended. Can you imagine how hurt YAHWEH was. The pain that it caused HIM to see the ones that He LOVED so dearly lie and hurt HIM again and again?

Now let's move from back then to today. We may read these passages and think, "How could they put a wooden image and worship it? I know that I would never do anything like that!" Well...... would you?

Do you have a favorite hobby or sport? Maybe you have an XBOX, cell phone, laptop, 50 inch plasma TV, or other cool electronic toy. Or maybe you are pursuing a member of the opposite sex? How much time do you spend on the above "Things?" Now how much time do you spend reading GOD's word and time in prayer vs. the other toys?

One of my friends (Who is a believer) has a cell phone, if he lost his cell phone, it would be the end of the world. I really believe that his world would implode. But, if he lost his Bible, huh, no big deal. Would you say that his cell phone has become an idol? Which is more important?

The point I am trying to make, we look at our brothers and sisters in past history and look down at them for making idols. But, my friends we are guilty for doing the same thing, we are just more modern. It is OK to have these cool toys, I love technology, but we always have to make GOD THE priority of our lives. HE comes first. If you have watched 8 hours of TV, and not spent 30 minutes in your Bible......... not so good. You may want to re think where your priorities lie.

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