Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Life Is Not What I Expected

Have you ever stopped for one moment and thought about where your life is right now? Maybe you look at your current place and the event that got you here, and you think; "WOW! This is not where I thought that I would be by this age." 

If you have every thought this, I am sure this story will give you encouragement. 

When you are reading the Bible and the stories that are in the Bible, you must always put yourself into the story, and into it's characters. When I first started reading the Bible, I used to skim over sections like the above text. But, now I really try and understand what these people were feeling.

Look at John the Baptist. John knew that this great Messiah was coming. In fact John was the one that baptized Jesus to start His ministry (3:13-17). The heavens opened up, GOD spoke, and the Spirit of GOD descended upon Him. So, John must of known that this was the Messiah. I know that if I saw this sign, I would.

So why then, did John ask in verse 11:3: "Are you the one, or should we expect someone else?" To give you a little background John was in Jail. I believe that John was saying in a round about way. Jesus, remember me, I am the one that baptized you, ahhhhh did you know that I am in jail? Bust me out and lets change the world! I want to help, and I am not doing much here in jail! Did you like Jesus' response? Jesus did not say yes or no. But, tells John what you have seen with your own eyes. I do believe that Jesus gave John some words of encouragement in verse 11:6. Jesus was saying hang in there, trust me even if this does not make sense.

Put Yourself In John's Shoes.

I would guess that he imagined that when the Messiah came, he would be a part of the plan in some way. I would guess that John was excited for the great things he would see and experience. I would guess that John wanted and dreamed about being apart of this. I would bet the last place that John expected to be was in JAIL.

If you know the end of the story; John was beheaded. I wonder if all the way to his death, in the back of his mind John was thinking: Surely Jesus is going to rescue me. Like John, your plans are not always going to line up with Jesus'. In fact there may be sometimes you may be angry or saddened by them.

Go to Jesus, tell Him your honest feelings (Like King David) Jesus honors this. Once you have shared your heart, "Do not fall" V6 if it still does not fit into your plans, trust Jesus. Someday (Maybe in heaven) it will make sense.

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