Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Was A Steroid Dealer Part Three Dangerous Times

Breaking Bats, Bricks, & More

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Part One: I Was A Steroid Dealer The Beginning.

I left off the story with my outward life being pretty good. I had all the steroids I could take, I loved working out at the gym, and I was making some good money on the side. Little did I know that my life was heading for destruction. God could see everything that was about to happen. God stepped in and saved the day and gave me a second chance.

I had a big shipment that was coming in to my PO box. The lady who ran the PO box called and told me that I had a box waiting..... she never calls, I thought. But the lure of drugs and money was worth the chance. So, I told the lady that I was going to pick them up on my lunch hour. Little did I know that there was a federal agent and policeman there to arrest me.

Right before I was about to head out to the PO box, my wife drove up and said "Let's go to lunch?" So I thought "Yea, this would be fun, then I can pick up the package later." So we went to lunch and I never picked them up. God miraculously saved me from being arrested. But that was not all that God did for me.

Later that afternoon these men who were waiting at the PO box came into my work. They walked up to me and said "We need to talk." Now I knew who they were but I tried to play dumb, so I said, "Sure, what can I help you with."  They said "Ahhh we need to talk in private." So I took them into the backroom. 

That must have been the longest walk I have ever taken. When we got to the back room they had the "infamous" file, pulled it out and said "We know who you are ???????? (My drug name) and we know what you are doing." We do not want you, we want your supplier. And we are going to bust him and you." Everything came crashing down in seconds flat. I felt like I was going to puke. I told the men that I had no idea what they were talking about and I need to talk to an lawyer. They said " No problem that is your right, but we are going to be back to arrest you and your supplier." Jesus protected me again as I did not get hauled out in handcuffs that day.

I then called my wife and told her what had happened. She was just as scared. We went home, trashed the computers, hid the drugs, and made sure the house was as clean as we could get it; I thought they were going to show up to the house and arrest me.

I hired an attorney on retainer. Told them the whole story. They said that there was not much we could do until I was arrested and then they could see what they were going to charge me with. So I waited.... and waited.... It was pure hell to go into work every day, looking over my shoulder waiting for them to come back into the store and arrest me in front of all my friends and employees. It reminds me of the movie Wall Street when Budd Fox is arrested and taken out in front of all his co-workers. 

While all this was going on I tried to contact my supplier, but I could not get a hold of him, it was just like he disappeared? I waited day after day after day..... nothing happened, NOTHING. The cops never came back, I never heard from my supplier... nothing. It was like God just made everything disappear. After some time I had heard that my supplier was either killed or just disappeared, never to be seen again. To this day I do not know what happened. What I do know, is that God saved me, my family, and my marriage... He gave me a second chance. 

That is the kind of God we worship. Not a mean God that is looking to punish you, but a loving God that is full of second chances. Sometimes there are punishment for our actions which God has allowed me to experience. Those are for later stories. Thank You Jesus!

If you have a story like mine, please post it below below to send praises to Jesus!

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