Sunday, March 22, 2015

God's Love Story

OK.... I have to admit it. I do love a good love story. I think that my favorite film is Sleepless in Seattle. I bet if you asked most guys, deep down inside they
are suckers for a good love story.

Some of the best love stories that I have seen are one party pursuing the other
party. They fall in love with that person and they do everything in their power to make them feel special and feel loved.

You and I are involved in one of the greatest love stories that I know. GOD has
been pursuing us from the beginning of time and still is today. The verse above,
I would guess does not make sense, but read on and I will explain how amazing 
that verse is.

So, Abram has all these gods, but one calls to him, and promises him that HE will make him into a great nation. Out of all these gods, what made this one so special? Maybe the promise of children, as Abram did not have any children yet? But Abram listened to this GOD and followed HIM. Right from the start GOD knew what Abram wanted and needed. Abram, when he started his journey wanted to make it to Canaan, but never did. Abram settled in Haran instead (Genesis 11:31). GOD blessed Abram and completed his journey, but at the time, Abram did not know where GOD was taking him. Abram had faith in GOD.

There was a time when Abram became side tracked due to a very severe famine. (Gen. 12:10) I am sure you can identify with Abram, I am sure you have seen tough times, times when money was tight, times when GOD seemed to abandon you. Well, GOD knew that Abram had gotten off track from where HE wanted him, so GOD created a situation where Abram had to move on into HIS blessing. (Gen. 12:20)

GOD continued blessing Abram. Abram had become very wealthy (Gen. 13:2, 13:6) But, I believe there was one thing that made Abram sad, he and Sarai still did not have any children, and he and Sarai where not getting any younger. But GOD kept on promising Abram that he would be a great nation. There was no way Abram could be a nation without any children.

Here is where the story gets good. Abram had a vision from GOD. GOD told Abram that HE was his great reward. Abram questioned GOD as he was already very rich, and what he wanted was a son, and money could not buy a true child. So, really GOD, how can you help me? GOD also went as far as to tell Abram that the land he saw, was his. But Abram knew he had no birthright to this land so legally he could not own it. Abram asked GOD, how do I know what you are telling me is the truth. You and I really know what Abram was asking, we do it all the time. GOD give me a SIGN! How many times have you and I asked that?

Well, this amazing GOD did just that. He made a covenant with Abram, and not just a covenant, it was an amazing covenant. Back in ancient times to make a covenant, one would cleave animals in half and walk in between the cleaved animals. Strange I know, but when both parties would walk between the animals this was a sign of covenant. Read what GOD did for Abram, GOD manifested himself as a smoking fire pot and flaming torch and passed through the cleaved animals. Now you might be saying, OK big deal right.

Well, two things to note. As Abram was is a dreadful darkness (Gen. 15:12) GOD passed through the animals alone. GOD was taking on ALL of the responsibility of the covenant himself. Plus, GOD was promising these things on HIMSELF. HE was swearing these things on HIMSELF. You can't promise or swear on anything higher, GOD is supreme. GOD loved Abram (You and I) that much!

The same GOD that pursued Abram is the same GOD that is pursuing you. HE LOVES you, and wants to be your only GOD. The really neat thing is that we have an entire Book of covenants from GOD. If GOD said HE will never leave you, HE WON'T. If HE said that HE will supply your needs, HE WILL. If HE said HE will take care of you, HE WILL.

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