Friday, February 20, 2015

I Was A Steroid Drug Dealer Happy Times?

My story left off with things going pretty good. On the surface I thought that I had it all. I was becoming "The Man" at the gym. I was getting very large and everyone wanted to know me, I was their hook up. Little did I know that my life was very close to losing everything!

My Heaviest Weight 300 lbs
My story ended off where I needed to get rid of my middle man. I was paying too much and he could not supply the volume that I needed, so I set out to find my main supplier. Through connections I found him next to the border of Mexico. They go into Mexico, buy the steroids, and either take the drugs back into the US or have a mule to transport them across the border to them.

This was a great set up, my supplier did not live around me. I liked the distance we had. The operation was pretty simple. I would take orders from my customers, send my supplier the cash, then he would send me the steriods. Looking back at this I was so deep in sin... this was just crazy. The sin processis  little by little so by this time it did not feel wrong. I was sending thousands of dollars in cash via the mail service.... just nuts. Plus now that I was receiving drugs through the mail, this made it a federal offense, not just a local drug charge.

Life was very good. I loved lifting weights, getting free drugs, and making quite a bit of money. I did not even see how unhappy my wife was, and that I was risking losing my freedom, my son, and everything that I had worked so hard to achieve in my life. I was so deep in sin that my eyes were clouded, I was headed for disaster!

Contest Photos

To receive the steroids I had them shipped to a PO Box, or one of those type of stores. This was good because it kept a distance from me and my personal life. Then one day I had a very large shipment coming in and the shipping tracking shows it was suppose to be delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday rolled around, I did not think much  of it, I knew that on my lunch hour I was going to go the mail box store and pick up my package. But something happened that never happened before. The lady at the mail store called and told me that I had a package to pick up....... They never call.... something was wrong. But the lure and the temptation of the drug was worth the risk so I had it still set in my mind that on my lunch hour I would go get the drugs.

Here is the part of the story where God stepped in and saved me. I did not deserve it, but God loves me even when I hurt and disappoint Him. You know that He loves you this much too?

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