Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Was A Steroid Drug Dealer: The Beginning

If you meet me or get to know me, and I told you that I was almost arrested for dealing steroids, you would never believe me. I am a shy, timid person who looks like they would never do anything wrong. I titled this blog "I Was A Steroid Dealer" but really should call it "How God Protects Stupid People." Well, I am not stupid, but my actions were very stupid. I became wrapped up in the steriod dealing world and almost lost everything.

This Contest I Took Second Place

In 1995 I started to lift weights. If you know me, I never do anything half way, I put everything I am into my "Projects." I started to lift weight and just loved it. I was good at it and I found that my body responded quickly.

As I stated to lift weights I noticed that there were guys getting much larger, more quickly than I did. So I reached out to these guys and asked them, "What is your secret to getting so big so fast?" I had put enough time in the gym so they trusted me not to be a cop, so they shared their secrets..... STEROIDS!

Being the person that I am, I NEEDED THESE! I had set in my mind that I wanted to be the biggest, baddest bodybuilder in the world. So I bought some drugs and I got started..... and yes, they worked. But just as anything in life, if a small amount works great, a larger amount would work better, so I started in the pattern of taking more and more. Soon I found out that my addiction for steroids was larger than my pocket books. Hmmmm... what should I do? I got it..... Sell steroids. I can buy them at cost and make enough money to supply my steroid habit.

The 98 Pound Weakling Before Steroids.

All sin is the same. It starts our very small then grows and grows until it is out of control. You cannot play with fire without getting burned. The same was true with my steroids. I started taking small pills, then I found that injecting them worked much better. Toward the end of my steroid days I was injecting well over $1,000 a week. I was hooked. Steriods controlled my life. It was all that I thought about and all that I cared about, I was out of control!

But again I started to go deeper into the sin. I was buying from the middle man, but I needed to buy from the source! God was giving me warning signs that I was getting in to deep. I remember one time when I was buying from this guy, he opened his vault and there was lot of drugs and guns to protect them. I set out to spend all my time to find a source that could supply my needs and the needs of my customers, who's list was growing very quickly.

I thought my life was great, but God knew my life was on a crash course with destruction, which you will want to read in the next two blogs.

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