Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Everything Happens For A Reason.. Or Does It?

Did you know that there are 200 deaths a year and 4 billion dollars in damages to our cars that are caused by deer?

It was a foggy morning as we got up at 5am and headed out for a doctor's appointment. I was very grumpy as I HATE doctors’ appointments. I was going the speed limit as we live in a area that has quite a few deer. About 3 miles from home I caught a glimpse of the deer from the driver’s side of my car. I slammed on the breaks and turned the car the opposite way. I managed to clip the deer on the passenger’s side. The car seemed to push the deer as it slid along the road. I was so mad!

We went a couple more miles and stopped to access the damage. I thought there would be none, as it barely tapped the deer.  As I got out and looked at the car I could not believe the damaged it caused. We turned around and went home not knowing if the the bumper would fall off.

I called my insurance, got the OK for the repair, took it to the shop, and they fixed the car. The damage was over $2,000. The headlight alone was over $900! Just crazy!

Have you ever had a bad event happen to you, and someone came along and said; "You know, everything happens for a reason." There are times when I do not need a person "Speaking" into my life.

But, if you were to live your life like everything DOES happen for a reason, imagine how peaceful your life would be? You would have the peace of God pouring out of you. If you believe in the Word of God, and trust that God is in control of everything.... even the deer, you must believe then, that God allowed the deer to run out in front of me. If I or the deer had been 1/2 second off we would have missed each other

Maybe because I hit the deer we would have been in a terrible accident on the highway. Maybe I needed to be home that day for some reason? The list of possibilities goes on.

I want to challenge you. I challenge you to live your life like God is totally in control (Which He is). Everything that happens to you is because God wanted it to happen. So when you printer breaks, instead of getting mad, you say "God wanted this to happen" and for some reason that I do not know, it is for His glory. See how peaceful and happy you will become.

BTW, we went back to see if the deer was hurt.... the darn thing just walked away!

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