Thursday, June 11, 2015

How To Memorizing The Bible

How To Memorize The Bible
When I made an effort to really know the Bible, it made a huge difference in my life. At first I was always afraid to memorize the Bible. It seemed so huge and the task just felt to be to much for me to take on, but then I start to memorize Bible verses that meant something to me and I found it was easy.

If you are want to start to memorize the Bible I would would start with verses that speak to you. i would not memorize the Bible just to memorize it. You will not get much out of it.

Below are some tips for memorizing the Bible:

  • Make Index Cards with the Verse and Read it Every Day.
  • Make a Bracelet with Ribbions and Write Your Bible Verse On it.
  • Change Your Desktop on Your Computer or Phone With The Bible Verse.
  • Put Sticky Notes On Your Mirrors and Doors.
  • Draw a Picture of The Bible Verse.
  • Start a Journal and Tell Why The Bible Verse is Special.
  • Make a Verse Chalkboard.
  • Tell a Friend or Family Memeber of Your Bible Verse.
I believe that when you start to memorize the Bible do you not need to know it word for word, but know what the verse is saying. This way when you are talking to your friends you do not sound like a computer, but a human. 

One example would be; "Well you know John that is says in Romans that everyone of us have sinned, and because of this sin we fall short of being with God and His glory."

If you know of another way to memorize The Bible, please post it down below. I would love to hear it.

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