Thursday, June 4, 2015

Does Your Past Dictate Your Future?

Does Your Past Dictate Your Future?
I have heard people say that your children are what you are. They will take on your traits, the good and sometimes your faults. In fact I have talked to several men who will blame their upbringing for the mistakes that they are making today. I know that some parents have crossed the line and done things that they should have not, those are totally different situations.

As I was reading about Ahaz and his son Hezekiah in the Bible I could not help but to think about that father/son relationship. Ahaz was not a good king, and from reading what I did, as he sacrificed his children to his gods, I would guess he was not a good father either.

But, here comes his son Hezekiah. I do not know the mind of Hezekiah, but it sounds like from the beginning his heart was set to do the right thing. I am sure that he could of relied on what his father did and what he saw his father do. But Hezekiah did the opposite of what his father did. His father corrupted the temple with idols; Hezekiah cleaned them out. If Hezekiah carried on what his father did, I am sure nobody would have thought twice about it. But, Hezekiah boldly ventured into new territory.

Whatever our past was, we need to make a difference in the world we live in today. We need to teach our children and young people that they need to do the same. GOD honors people that want to make a difference for HIM. GOD honors the people that make what is important to HIM, important to them. As we will read in the upcoming chapters, GOD was pleased with Hezekiah and blessed him. Are you making an impact in today's world for HIM?

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