Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Will God Use Me

Will God Use Me?

Will God Use Me?

It always amazes me how God uses us: the ordinary, plain, simple, sinful creatures. Today I was reading Esther. Some say Esther does not belong in our scriptures. Here are some of the arguments; GOD's name is not once mentioned in this book, there are no references to spiritual service or prayer in the book, except a reference to fasting (4:15-16). So, one could see the argument....but GOD put the book of Esther in our Bible for a reason, it is our job to find the purpose.

When you read the Bible you see displays of this awesome power, the parting of the Red Sea, an angel destroying thousands of people, bringing the dead back to life, destroying cities with fires, holding back the oceans from swallowing up the earth, the list goes on and on.

Now, here is the thing that just makes my head spin, this force, this being, with all this power, could do ANYTHING, ANYTHING..... but, HE chooses to do HIS work in us. I am not talking about the well educated, the powerful, the highly religious, (Even though HE does use those types of people) HE uses ordinary, poor, weak, humble...... you and I.

Esther is a wonderful example of God using the ordinary. We just finished reading how he used Nehemiah to do something amazing..... just an ordinary guy. Esther is just an ordinary woman that GOD will use.

The point of today's thought is...... you guessed it, GOD uses the ordinary. GOD wants to use you, to be honest, we are all pretty ordinary in the sight of GOD's presence. That is great news for all of us, this amazing being WANTS to use you, HE has a task that HE needs you to do. The problem is most of us never grasp this, we are too focused on what we need instead of what GOD needs.

If you want to fulfill your purpose in life, let GOD use you. Let GOD know that you want HIM to use you, tell HIM to lead and direct you, let HIM know that you are HIS servant and you will do whatever HE needs you to do. I will tell you again, to be used by GOD is the most amazing experience you will ever feel. I have seen things in my life..... that just should have not worked out or happened. I am sorry, I get all excited when I start talking about Jesus. :)

Have you been used by God for a task? Share how God has used you.

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