Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jesus Is An Amazing Father

You are so great. What a wonderful father you are. You never let us down. You are always there. Your love is unconditional Thank you for being a great father. 

I am sorry for being grumpy today. Sometimes I focus on the world and the negativity of it and it brings me down. Please forgive me. 

I am feel bored and tired. I yearn for so much more. I want to be so much more. But I know this is where you need me right now. I trust you and I give you my faith. I want your will to be done in my life. Please adjust my attitude. 

Lord I long to hear your voice. I yearn for you to speak to me. Please talk to me. Please lord by a dream or through other people. I am listening. Let you will be done in my life. I am listening. 

If this has blessed you, please share with your friends and family.

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