Sunday, May 24, 2015

I Had A Tough Day Jesus

I Had A Tough Day Jesus

I had a tough day today. Work was very empty for me today. Just the same thing over and over. I know this is where you want at this time of my life, but I desire to do so much more. I wonder if I should so something different or something else. Did I miss something that you are trying to tell me? Am I not taking a step of faith? I know that I am not afraid. I love the adventure of it all. I am excited and know there is more. I am willing to do anything that you want for me, just open the door and I am on my way!

I have FAITH! I have faith to believe I am where you want me. I trust you. To know that when you are ready you will move me.

I want to do your will. I want your will to be done in my life!

I have faith. I trust you. Please bless me Lord, have me have a better outlook on my current job. Let me focus on the good, and helping people. Let your will be done in my life!

I love You. Please adjust my attitude.  

Your servant

June 14, 2004

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