Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Will I Go To Heaven?

Will I Go To Heaven?

Have you ever asked yourself, "Will I Go To Heaven?"

If you were not a follower of Christ and if you were to read the Bible from cover to cover, I could not help to think that the person reading could not help to think "These Christians sure do have a hard time." I mean let's face it 11 out of Christ's 12 disciples were martyred, GOD's own son suffered a terrible death, they were always struggling with sin and doing the right thing in a world that does not want to accept them or what they stand for.

Once you have met Jesus, He changes your life. I would guess that this is the case with most of the people in the Bible, once you have met Jesus, your life is changed forever. You will feel love, acceptance, and peace at a new level (These are just to name a few!) For me and I am sure others, Jesus came and rescued me, when I did not deserve it. I have personally seen things that should have not happened, I have seen things that I can't explain how they happened, except..... that was Jesus.

The other reason, is our reward is not this earth. It is meeting this person; Jesus face to face and spending a lifetime with Him in Heaven. I personally can not fathom meeting Jesus....... my words can't describe it. But, beyond that we will live forever in heaven; a place that even if you tried to imagine how amazing it is going to be, you can't. It is beyond what you can imagine. WOW.

We need to remind ourselves of this, because yes, we are not at home here, our home is heaven. And yes, things down here sometimes are not easy, they are down right hard. So fight the good fight, keep running the race, knowing that when you are done, Jesus will be waiting in heaven for you!

Jeremiah 37:14-15
Life is Hard
"That's not true!" Jeremiah said. "I am not deserting to the Babylonians." But Irijah would not listen to him; instead, he arrested Jeremiah and brought him to the officials. They were angry with Jeremiah and had him beaten and imprisoned in the house of Jonathan the secretary, which they had made into a prison. Jeremiah was put into a vaulted cell in a dungeon, where he remained a long time.

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  1. Well, I must say your conviction is really strong.

    I would like to offer up a slight modification to your your hope which has some accuracy. But first, I have a question.

    Why do you want to go to heaven?