Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Will God Provide For Me

Will God Provide For Me?

Have you ever asked the LORD to make you more patient, then you find yourself in situations where your patience is stretched? Or maybe you are trying to teach a friend how to hold their tongue, then you find yourself in situations where you really have to hold your tongue? If you think that those are just coincidences, think again. GOD is working in your life.

A like situation happened to me today. Usually, I read the passage we are going to talk about the night before, this allows time for me to think and the Holy Spirit to do some work in me. So, I read the chapters and I thought that it was interesting the infamous "Trust" verse came after a verse that talks about tithing. So, I chose to talk about that.

Then this afternoon I get an e-mail from our NEW tax accountant (Notice how I said NEW? Someone was not doing their job) this e-mail said we owe payroll taxes. The amount is not huge, but enough for me to stress out and wonder where it is going to come from. After Kim calmed me down, I had to laugh, I told GOD, "Ha, you are a funny guy LORD. Are you seeing if I practice what I preach?"

Lord Provide For Us!

Usually, I would be totally stressed out, but I am at peace. Here is why. I do trust GOD, I am not going to lean on my understanding. I can't control where the money is going to come from, but I know it is going to be OK. You see I have trusted GOD with little things in my life, and HE has come through, in fact HE has always come through. If you find yourself in situations like I am in, reflect back on your past experiences. Has GOD always provided for you? Has he come through for you in the past? I would trust that HE will again. Do not try and figure it out, GOD has it all figured out....... even before the problem came to be a problem.

The second reason that I know it is going to be OK, we take tithing very seriously. Now, I am not referring to GOD as a vending machine. I put the tithe in and I get a blessing back, but, I know that my heart is in the right place, and I know that GOD honors that. He will take care of me.

Do you take your tithing seriously? I really like how the verse says to "Honor GOD with the wealth of your FIRSTFRUITS." Does GOD receive the last..... the leftovers of your money? Or does HE receive the first? If you have a budget, do you have a line for tithing? Again, I am not saying GOD and tithing is a vending machine, but trust and tithing do go hand in hand.

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