Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why Do You Praise God

Why Do You Praise God

Why Do You Praise God?

Have you ever received some flowers from someone? Or have you ever been walking or driving and seen the moon at it's fullest on a bright and clear night? When you see these things of beauty do you ask, what is it's purpose? Or do you just sit and appreciate it's beauty for what it is?

I believe that sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to serve GOD. I know that at times in my life I have felt like I need to do more and more to make GOD happy and take pleasure in me. We were made to praise GOD. By praising GOD, we are fulfilling our purpose. Just as the flower simply showing it's beauty to GOD fulfills it purpose and brings pleasure to GOD. We were made to praise and worship HIM, by doing simply that, we are fulfilling our purpose and pleasing GOD.

Sounds pretty easy, does it not? So, do you spend some time each day, praising HIM? Not asking for this or that, just saying, "Wow GOD, you ARE amazing! Today, I noticed the amazing sunset you ended the day with, thank you!" I would encourage you each day to spend some time doing just that, praising HIM.

Have you also noticed that a good majority of the Psalms focus on nature in relationship to it's Creator? Psalm 148 is a great example of this:
Praise the LORD from the heavens,praise him in the heights above.Praise him, sun and moon,praise him, all you shining stars.Praise him, you highest heavensand you waters above the skies.Let them praise the name of the LORD,for he commanded and they were created.Praise the LORD from the earth,you great sea creatures and all ocean depths,lightning and hail, snow and clouds,stormy winds that do his bidding,you mountains and all hills,fruit trees and all cedars,Let them praise the name of the LORD,for his name alone is exalted;his splendor is above the earth and the heavens.
So, why do you praise God? Post your comments and thoughts below.

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