Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is The Tongue Evil

Is The Tongue Evil?

Is The Tongue Evil?

My father-in-law always told me, when dealing with people, use your anger, do not lose your anger. At first it did not make sense, but, then as I grew in the LORD it started to make sense. When I was angry and spoke out of anger, my emotions were on a roller coaster. I said things I did not mean, and sometimes wish I could have taken them back. I then started to use my anger, I may have been upset at a situation, but, I always kept my thoughts and emotions in control. By doing that, the situation always came out better. If you are wanting to tell someone something and you are angry, it is the wrong time. Take a break, cool off, gather your thoughts, approach that person with love. You will be so much more effective.

We know that the tongue can not be tamed, but I believe we can control it. If you can't approach that person in love with the motives of building up, then I would question whether it needs to be said. There are going to be times where you do make mistakes. If you do, be quick to ask for forgiveness.

Closing Prayer
Dear Jesus
Thank You Father for forgiveness, as hard as it is sometimes. I pray Father that You will guide me in every situation and tame my tongue. Teach me to be a loving Christian not a prideful one. Father I pray that everyone has a safe and happy weekend. I love You, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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