Sunday, April 5, 2015

Have You Had A Heart Check Lately?

Have You Had A Heart Check Lately?

From Time to Time We All Need a Heart Check With Jesus

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I believe that from time to time, we all need a "Heart check?" We need to take time and make sure that our priorities are lining up. Two areas that I always seem to need improvement on are; time and money.

Time is very easy. Make a list of what you spend the most time on and the least amount of time. Now, I am sure that unless you are a monk or nun you are not going to be spending 12 hours a day praying, reading your Bible, or just spending time with GOD. But I would hope that it does appear on your list. If it is on your list, compare that time to your other, leisure, time.

How does it compare to your TV or computer time? I just did one of the time checks and realized that I was not spending enough time in prayer. It is funny how you start out good, and it is a priority, but life seems to get in the way. You really have to fight for your GOD time.

Money is the other "Heart Check" When was the last time you sat down and figured out how much you are tithing? Or maybe you are at the point of looking at..... if you are not tithing. I have come to learn that the actual act of tithing is what is not important, it is the TRUST that GOD is in control. You are depending on HIM and not of the world to get you by day by day.

This has been very hard for me, you see, I like to control my money. I always have, so this is a day by day growth process for me. One thing that I have learned is that GOD works with your daily needs. HE wants you to need HIM day by day. Just think, if GOD put a million dollars in your bank account, do you think that you would need HIM as much as when you need HIM day by day. I know that I would start to become a little comfortable.

One other little voice that has been echoing in my head, is that you can not out give GOD. I am trying to get up enough faith to challenge HIM in this area. Have you ever thought about that, or tried it? It is hard, I know.

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