Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Have You Spoken To God Lately

I am sure that you have heard someone say "It is good to hear your voice". Or maybe you have experienced that feeling yourself? You know the feeling, maybe it has been a long time since you have spoken to a best friend or family member, and just hearing their voice brings about feelings of comfort and remembrance of good times.

Life is noisy. It is in two ways, first, you have the non-stop cell phones, TVs, stereos, iPods, CD players, car radios, airplanes, car engines, lawnmowers.... it just seems like you never get away from the volume of life.

Second, you have the "Noise" of life. You get up in the morning, fight traffic, work a full day with all the pressures that a job carries, fight traffic on the way home. When you get home you try and live up to the expectations a being a Godly parent. Maybe you might find sometime to watch a little TV, then off to bed to start the cycle over again.

Or maybe you have several little ones at home that you take care of. The day starts early in the morning, trying to do the chores of life while raising children, dinner, then maybe find time to crash on the couch at night. Maybe GOD has called you to be a student right now, and trying to balance your studies, a job, and life seems to fill your entire day and night. Wherever you are in life right now, praying and reading your Bible seems like a luxury.

GOD frequently spoke in the silence, one on one. GOD appeared to Abraham near the trees of Mamre while he was sitting in the heat of the day. (Gen. 18:1)

GOD spoke to Moses at the Mountain of Horeb. (Exodus 3)

Moses was given the Ten Commandments alone on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19)

Moses withdrew to his Tent of Meetings where he met with GOD one on one.
GOD spoke to Samuel while we was lying down in the Temple. (1 Samuel 3)

Then there is one of my favorite stories where GOD spoke to Elijah on top of a
mountain, in a gentle whisper, after a lot of "Noise" (Powerful wind, earthquake, and fire) (1 Kings 19:11-18)

If you jump to the New Testament, Jesus withdrew to solitary places to speak to
His FATHER many times. You can go cover to cover of the Bible and find many examples of where GOD spoke one on one, alone.

I do not know how long it has been since you have heard that Voice. Maybe you are new to all this and you have never heard HIS voice. GOD is always by you, waiting to speak into your life, but sometimes we need to slow down, turn off the "Noise" so that we can hear HIS voice. I am not saying that you need to go on vacation to hear HIM. Maybe a visit to the local park, maybe a hike on that mountain trail, maybe an afternoon next to that river? I think that main thing is to be alone with your Creator, turn off the "Noise" and listen. Don't you find it interesting how GOD and nature connect? 

If this has blessed you, please share with your friends & family.

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