Monday, March 16, 2015

Have You Ever Doubted Jesus

Have you ever doubted Jesus? I think if you are human you would answer "Yes". Here are a few thoughts if you have ever felt bad for doubting Jesus.

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First, I think there is a little "Thomas" in us all. I know many people who at one time or another demanded Jesus to give us proof that He exsists. You know how it goes...... Jesus, I know you love me, and I know you care, so why are you not doing this for me???? If you do not, You must be mean and uncaring. To me that is pretty much cornering Jesus telling Him to do this for you.

Second, if you remember Thomas was willing to die for Jesus, Jesus wanted to go into a country where passing could mean their lives (John 11:15-17) Thomas was very bold and spoke up. But, is that like all of us. When Jesus is close to our side, we are STRONG. But, when Jesus is quite, we freak out, maybe question where He is.

Third, when reading the Bible, always put yourself into the time and person first, then make a bridge. We have the Bible, and know the end of the story, they did not, they were living moment by moment.

Example; for centuries if you were a believing Jew, you knew that the prophets foretold of a coming Messiah. One to redeem them, crush the opposing Roman Empire. Herod told them he was god, but they knew/believed different.

Then, one day this Rabbi (An amazing teacher; maybe like Billy Graham of our time) came to you. You, a very common person, and this Rabbi told you He believed in YOU, and He want YOU to follow him. Just that fact that a Rabbi asked you (not evening knowing it was THE MESSIAH) was an honor.

Thomas, left and became a discicple of this Rabbi. (Matt. 10:2-4) During these amazing 3 years of being with this Rabbi, he came to believe...... he KNEW this was the Messiah! People are healed, rasied from the dead, He speaks like no-one he has ever heard. Finally, towards the end of the 3 years, He (Jesus) make His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey (Stand for royality) Thomas, must have thought....... THIS IS IT..... finally after centuries, I am going to witness the prophecy......... THE MESSIAH HAS COME TO REDEEM US!

Sadly, to see his Messiah taken, and killed the most brutal death.... I think if I were any of the disciples, I would be confused, hurt, scared, I just wasted 3 years of my life, where/what do I do now? So, for Thomas to want to see the scars......... would not you, maybe?

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