Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Are You Hot or Cold For Jesus

John gives warnings to the seven churches of Asia. These warnings are just full of "Life" principles. Notice how Christ presents His words to the seven churches. Most of them He notes their "Good deeds" then points out their faults, but at the end gives them a glimmer of hope and redemption.

In these seven churches, you may see your own church or you may see yourself. This is a final warning before Christ returns. What is Christ speaking to you?

The church of Ephesus did wonderful deeds, but they forgot the two most important principles; love God and love others.

The church in Smyrna was being persecute. Pain and persecution comes from satan. If you are in pain or suffering, Christ knows what is happening in your life, and tell us "Yet you are rich." Your time will be short.

The church in Pergamum had four idolatrous cults to deal with. They have given into sexual immorality. Maybe you are struggling with pornography, impure thoughts, impure sexual desire. Christ is waiting there to give you "Hidden manna" (Spiritual nourishment)

To the church of Thyatira, they were not crossing the line and giving into full blown sin, but they were being poor examples to their brothers and sisters, causing them to fall into sin.

To the church of Sardis, they looked very religious on the outside, but they were full of sin on the inside.

To the church in Philadelphia, they were a church that was in suffering. A great earthquake had caused them to flee, but with all the hardships they stayed true to Christ. To them He promises, I am coming soon!

And last, the church of Laodicea.... everything in the Bible is placed in this place for a reason and purpose. I find it interesting that this principle is last. It is like, this is what He wants you to remember most. What kind of a Follower are you? Hot or cold? Christ says that He would rather have you hot or cold, Followers that are luck warm, He will "Spit you out of my mouth." Are you being dangerous for Christ, or keeping this amazing, life changing information to yourself?

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