Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome To Life In The Fast Lane

I have always viewed life as driving. When driving you always start at a point and you have a final destination. A long distance journey is never smooth, you always have troubles. You may break down, you may get a speeding ticket, there are times when you want to slow down and move over to the right lane, or there are times when you feel like pushing it so you move over to the fast lane. Then there are those very bad times when you need a rest, so you pull over at a rest stop.

My journey started about 50 years ago. My final destination is Heaven. To this point my journey has been easy at times. I married my best friend, God has blessed us and provided for us in ways I could not imagine. But at times it has been so bad I had to find the nearest rest stop, pull over, and break down in tears not knowing if I could get back on the highway again. Some of these bad times include; a marital affair, terminal disease, financial mountains, drug addictions and the suicide of my only son.

I am sure that in your life you have experienced some of these same types of highs and lows. If you can identify with my journey, let's travel the highway together? I've always found it helpful to have friends with me rather than being alone. I would be honored to have you along for the ride. 

Just to let you know a little about me. I am almost 50... yes I am getting old. God has allowed Kim and I to experience events in our lives that has shaped us both. I believe that God does not allow you to go through an expereince to keep it in private. I hope to share my heart and how God has used me, and how it has felt.

I had a pretty normal life up to about 2001. Since then it seems like my life has been on a rollercoaster. To give you a quick overview I was almost arrested for selling steroids, had an affair with another woman (Thanks be to God for doing work in both Kim's and my life as we survived).

When I thought my life was going good, I diagnosed with an incurable muscle disease that I still struggle with today.

I became a Pastor with the Christian Missionary Alliance.

My only adopted son committed suicide..... That one was a tough one.

And today we struggle to to live in a place that we hate as it reminds of of Tylers death everyday.

I hope that you will join me as I will be posting my daily high points and struggles and what God has shown me from my pain and laughter.

Are you ready for Life In The Fast Lane?

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  1. Thr lowest point of my life was certainly losing my grandmother