Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

We watched the movie Into the Wild last night. It was about Christopher McCandless. Chris had a tough childhood growing up. His parents were always fighting and he did not have a good relationship with his father. His Dad did not trust Chris and appeared to do nothing to train him to become a young man. Chris lived like this until he graduated college.... then he disappeared. 

He left on a journey across America searching for love in everything except relationships. His journeys lead him to Alaska where he found the “Magic Bus.” The story has a tragic ending, as when Chris wanted to leave to go home, the river that Chris crossed in the beginning was a little creek, but in spring the same creek was a huge, and violent due to snowmelt. Chris had to retreat back to the “Magic bus” where he was trapped. Chris had no food so he was forced to eat plants. In the end Chris ate a poisonous plant that killed him. Chris finally found what he was searching for, but it was too late. The last entry in Chris’ journal was: "Happiness only real when shared."

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There are two points that I took away from this movie.

1. Forgiveness Produces Love. In the movie Chris was angry at his parents and the bad childhood. Chris took this anger and buried it. When Chris was old enough, he disappeared from home in search of happiness. Chris would not forgive his parents and never told them where he was. Chris found love in the Earth itself, but never again in human relationship. In the end when he was ready to forgive he dreamt about being in his parents arms, but it was too late.

Forgiveness is hard as humans are imperfect. But, for you to hang onto anger and hurt, you are only hurting yourself. I know that it feels like you are punishing the person you are angry at, but you are the one who suffering. 

If someone has hurt you, forgive them in your heart. Do you tell the other person, but release that hurt and pain, give it to Jesus. Let the healing begin and in time you will want to tell the person that hurt you.

2. True Happiness is Only Found in Relationships. God created us to be relational. He put in your DNA to be with others. For us to go against our DNA is to deny who we are. The only problem is that relationships are hard. People hurt us. You can spend your life like Chris searching for the things that make you happy, but as with Chris, I am sure you will find that real happiness is found in others. Do not be like Chris and live your life searching. Be quick to forgive. Search for relationship that will complete you.

Into The Wild Movie

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